About Praveen:
In 2016, Praveen starts with NallPro in Grade 1, since that he comes 4 hrs. Classes in a week; he always studying one or two Grades higher than his school level (NallPro’s Level 3 Students)
Right now at school studying in Grade 4, at NallPro he is studying Grade 5 and some Grade 6 level.

Name: Praveen Gnanasuthan Grade: 03 - EQAO 100% School: Springbrook Public School

Before actual EQAO Exam. NallPro gave the 8 previous years EQAO Exams. And Praveen got 7 of them 100%, one he got 87%

How to prepare students for EQAO Math Exam at NallPro? The following sheet is one of the example for "Numbar Word Problems" Unit. And Praveen got 100% in most of the Unit Tests.
NallPro’s Worksheets result always matching with school one; because NallPro always follows the Ontario Ministry of Education Mathematics Curriculum Guidelines.

Name: Praveen Gnanasuthan Grade: 03 School: Springbrook Public School

Name: Praveen Gnanasuthan Grade: 02 School: Springbrook Public School

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