Why is it important to memorize multiplication tables?

There is a very simple and important reason why children, and everyone else, should memorize basic multiplication tables. A great deal of life involves making reasonably quick and reasonably precise decisions with data.

It’s a necessity and your child is taught them while they are in elementary and middle school. Once a child has mastered the times tables, they begin to gain that foundation in the mathematics field. This is going to benefit them throughout middle school and into high school as well

By Ontario Ministry of Education Mathematics Curriculum Guidelines:

Grade 2 student need to memorize multiplication tables up to 6 and Grade 3 all of multiplication tables.

Multiplication Table

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Not knowing their multiplication tables can really slow children’s mathematical progress once they get to school after Grade 3. Not only multiplication questions also…

  • Multiplication word problem
  • Division
  • Division word problem
  • Some Number Patterns
  • All kind of Fractions – 15 Objects
    1. 1. Equivalent Fractions
      2. Fractions Simplest form
      3. Fractions Convert from Mixed to Improper
      4. Fractions Convert from Improper to Mixed
      5. Part of the Fractions
      6. Convert from Fractions to Decimals
      7. Convert from Decimals to Fractions
      8. Fractions Compare
      9. Fractions Order
      10. Fraction Decimal & Percents
      11. Fractions Word Problem
      12. Fractions Addition
      13. Fractions Subtraction
      14. Fractions Multiplication
      15. Fractions Division
  • All Decimals – Multiplication, Division etc.
  • All Area and Perimeter
  • Probability
  • Data Management
  • etc.

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