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How does NallPro's MATH Online TUTORING Work?

What I need for NallPro's Online TUTORING Classes?

How much does it cost (fees) for MATH Online TUTORING at NallPro ?

How do I Pay Fees for Online TUTORING for NallPro?

When do I have to make the Payment at NallPro?
What is Online TUTORING Time during the week at NallPro?
Will I be able to cancel or change the class at NallPro?
    • No, absolute Not; Not for the Monthly Fee Base student, so there is no cancellation; if you cancel the class or if you didn’t come to class (Monthly Fee will not change).

    • Note: If you missed a class, you have to arrange an alternative time during the week, but not always possible, because limited spots available!

      For rescheduling typically we need week (7 days) in advance unless it is an emergency.

When do I get started with NallPro?

How do I get started class at NallPro?

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